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Listen to this piano-playing robot hit all the right notes


This button-size device could tell you whether you’re getting too much sun


Even fruit flies succumb to cultural dating pressures

Watch these tissue-engineered spinal disks mimic the real thing


Airplane with no moving parts takes flight


How do cats stay so clean? Video reveals secrets of the feline tongue​


In reversal, NSF lifts proposal limits on biologists


Watch tiny robots swim through an eyeball to deliver medicine

Neanderthals’ barrel chests might not have been any bigger than ours


This ‘two-faced’ membrane can create electricity—from nothing but salty water


Can you guess the ages of these faces?


These butterflies boost their hearing with an unusual strategy


Why scientists had trouble predicting Hurricane Michael’s rapid intensification​


The average person can recognize 5000 faces


First direct observation of hunting pelican eel reveals a bizarre fish with an inflatable head


Biologists irate at NSF’s new one-proposal cap


The key to stopping mass shootings? Treat them like a public health disaster, this scientist says


Watch these alienlike robots weave a bus-size fiberglass structure—all by themselves


Skepticism surrounds renowned mathematician’s attempted proof of 160-year-old hypothesis


Testing and cleaning North Carolina’s water supply post-Florence could prove tricky. A microbiologist explains why


Deadly storms break records, damage facilities


Like humans, octopuses want more hugs when high on ecstasy


Watch a hurricane put a dent in Earth’s crust


Ig Nobel prizes honor do-it-yourself colonoscopies, a curious use for postage stamps, and other peculiar research


Hurricane Florence is coming. Scientists are scrambling to prepare


If you’ve had anesthesia, you can likely thank this veterinarian who just won a top science prize


Monarchs that ‘drop out’ of the migration game pick up more parasites


Scientists hope to spark action on climate change—by turning it into a game


Slow-motion video reveals ‘killer whiplash’ butcherbirds use to take down prey


Ravenous insects may be coming for our crops in a warming world


Urban planners aim to eliminate slums—with computer programs


A new way to engage kids? Science museum teams with local school district to educate preschoolers


How the house sparrow made its home with humans


How 30 days with an in-home robot could help children with autism


Being watched by a cranky robot might help you focus


Could the star of The Meg really bite a ship in half? We took a paleobiologist to the new movie to find out


This walrus tusk trinket may shed light on the early days of Viking trading


These tiny, stretchy speakers and microphones let your skin play music


Should you get your pet’s DNA tested? Scientists urge caution


Food cravings peak twice nightly, in countries all around the world


Is this monkey the inspiration for Dr. Seuss’s Lorax?


‘Smart plants’ could soon detect deadly radon and mold in your home


Watch this origami fish grabber nab a deep-sea squid


Studies downplay threat that dams pose to primates in Guinea and Indonesia, critics say

Narwhals, walruses are most at risk from booming Arctic ship traffic

Prosthetic hands feel more real, thanks to some good vibrations

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